Back from Training Camp

Having returned from Oxnard last week I have a pretty good feel for what I believe to be a good Cowboys team. The Elephants in the room are the impending contracts for Zeke, Dak and Coop. (and soon after them – Byron Jones, Jaylon Smith and so on)

The Zeke situation feels to me like there is a bit of a divide, Stephen has No Intention of going to “Todd Gurley Money” for Zeke (4 years $60M with $48 Million guaranteed) Stephen doesn’t want to “set the market” for any of these 3 players….even though he did just that with the Tank Lawrence deal.

The divide I believe will come when Jerry steps in – he is 77 and wants another couple of runs at the Super Bowl soon…the only way he gets that is with Zeke, Dak and Coop in tow. I believe Jerry will ask (tell) Stephen to get the deal done at a price very similar to what Todd Gurley got…and it will get done prior to week #1. By the way Zeke is in Dallas.

As for the team over-all – they seem as together and focused a bunch as I have seen in years. The Hot Boys and that defense are primed for a really good year and if the focus on “getting the ball” works….then they will be a top 4 Defense.
The offense looks like it will be wayyyyyy – less predictable with more motion, more bunch sets for the wide receivers and more creativity…Gallup is ready to bust out and Cooper with Dak for a full off-season should be great.

Camp in Oxnard was once again a wonderful experience – the weather immediately takes your stress level down a notch. 75 degrees and the smell of the ocean…just takes a load off.

The Cowboys organization treats we media folks very well – we have a lot of access and lots of questions get asked and some pretty good answers get given.

Let’s pray for health from here till week #1 and if we get that – then we have a lot to be happy about and a fine season to come.

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