A Cowboy Life Community!

We are very excited about the reception for the Jeff Heath story – making a podcast out of what was actually about two hours in real time was scary. I really appreciate the Arlington EMS Team that worked with me and especially John Richardson who was on hand at AT&T Stadium that day and helped save Ricardo’s life. The input from Sean Lee and Byron Jones was insightful as well.

So many of you went to the website or to iTunes, Sticher or Spreaker – soon we will be on iHeartRadio and Spotify. The notes I got, the positive feedback, and the fact that so many of you shared A Cowboy Life with your friends is greatly appreciated.

We move forward this week with a story about a Cowboys TE and Special Teams guy, who also learned to be the back-up Long Snapper and Holder for kicks. Bill Parcells called him a “satellite player” and said he had “true value”…then in an instant…he had no value…..I hope you will enjoy:

What the F— Good are you to me Now?

Next Week’s Episode will be with Jesse Holley who tells of what could have been a heartbreaking childhood and then about a one in a million shot to actually be a Cowboy. Captain Crash – Cliff Harris is next – he’s awesome. Then Everson “Cubby” Walls and then #9. Tony Romo will be here for us in June.

Input on our stories and how we put them together is not only wanted it is necessary. These stories are for you – the Cowboys fan, and you, the Podcast lover. We want to get them right and we want you to want them each week…and to be proud to tell your friends and family that they should listen to A Cowboy Life.

I can’t wait for the next story and then the next and I can’t say enough about our staff and team,  Zach, Jake, and I are working to ultimately bring you these stories. Stories about America’s Team – one story at a time, one week at a time.