Jeff Heath has become a friend, someone I root for.  He is a regular guy, married – has a new baby and friggin’ loves playing football for the Dallas Cowboys.  Loves it. Jeff was not drafted after a nice career at Saginaw Valley State….and you can guess why. He went to Saginaw Valley State! (It’s in Michigan)  It’s a Division 2 school. NFL scouts take a long peak at Division 2, but rarely are they thinking about drafting the players they are watching.

Special Teams, that’s how Division 2 players stick on NFL rosters and that is how Heath quickly made his bones with the Cowboys.  He is now the starting Strong Safety on the team and had a career high 85 tackles last year…but as is Jeff’s plight…the Cowboys went into the 2019 Draft looking to replace him at starting strong safety.

Jeff has stories – and lucky for me – he has been willing to sit with me and let us include one of his stories as our initial offering for our new podcast, A Cowboy Life.

I think we did a good job with this story.  Enjoy! Whalen, Holley, Captain Crash, Gil Brandt (HOF) and Tony Romo (9) are up next.  Here we go!