Jesse’s story picks up where he left off last week, with Jesse finding himself in North Carolina, broke, embarrassed, and working as a third-shift security guard (which he lovingly refers to as being a “flashlight cop”). After getting a call from the University of North Carolina’s PR Department, he manages to find his way to Florida for a “reality television show tryout.”

Soon after, he’s whisked away to Los Angeles for a formal audition, where he meets Cowboy Legend and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin and spends 7 days running plays and talking to cameras. It’s not long after that he’s called to Dallas as one of 12 contestants on a new Reality Television show called “4th and Long.”

Jesse’s determination, hard work, and, surprisingly, his upbringing in New Jersey’s school of hard knocks gives him the strategy and the know-how to navigate through all 10 weeks of the show, and ultimately he’s deemed the winner. But winning 4th and Long only gets him a spot at Cowboys Training Camp – NOT a spot on the roster.

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