Jesse Holley’s story draws to a close this week as he sits down with Brady to explain the good fortune (and kind teachers) that got him to Florida, the friends (and foes) he made on his journey to win Michael Irvin’s “4th and Long,” and how a 77-yard catch from an injured Tony Romo brought him closer to God (and a touchdown) than he ever thought possible.

Jesse’s story picks up where he left off last week, with Jesse finding himself in North Carolina, broke, embarrassed, and working as a third-shift security guard (which he lovingly refers to as being a “flashlight cop”). After getting a call from the University of North Carolina’s PR Department, he manages to find his way to Florida for a “reality television show tryout.”

Soon after, he’s whisked away to Los Angeles for a formal audition, where he meets Cowboy Legend and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin and spends 7 days running plays and talking to cameras. It’s not long after that he’s called to Dallas as one of 12 contestants on a new Reality Television show called “4th and Long.”

Jesse’s determination, hard work, and, surprisingly, his upbringing in New Jersey’s school of hard knocks gives him the strategy and the know-how to navigate through all 10 weeks of the show, and ultimately he’s deemed the winner. But winning 4th and Long only gets him a spot at Cowboys Training Camp – NOT a spot on the roster. But he keeps at it, impressing coaches and working his way onto Special Teams to earn 3 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.

… all of which, of course, comes to a head in a fateful 2011 game against the San Francisco 49’ers, when Jesse Holley makes the catch of his life.

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