Drew Pearson is a former Dallas Cowboys Receiver. Having played with the Cowboys from 1973 to 1983, Drew’s ability to complete even the most unreliable passes gave him a reputation as a receiver that just couldn’t miss. When you’re talking to Drew Pearson, there’s a ton you can ask him about; hundreds of games and passes to talk over. But of all the games to ask about, and all the plays to review, the game that truly earned him his title, and made him the player he is, came just halfway through his Cowboys career, on a cold day in Minnesota, in a game that begins (and ends) with the phrase, “Hail Mary.”

It was December 28th, 1978, in a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings on an absolutely frigid day in Minnesota. The game started unlike any other, with both teams playing from the same side of the field. It wasn’t just because the Vikings were playing on a converted Baseball field; it was an intentional move to scramble the competition and hopefully psych them out of their own plays. On top of that, the weather was no stranger to the Purple People Eaters, and coach Bob Grant insisted that the team wear short sleeves, just to make sure the boys from Texas were running scared.

Fortunately, Landry and his team weren’t fooled, and they played a pretty strong game – right up until “Captain Crash” himself Cliff Harris got a couple of bright ideas and ran a play that led to a Viking touchdown. Fortunately, safety Charlie Waters was there to knock down a pivotal play with a key touchdown, leading to a setup that was all too perfect for our very own Drew Pearson – assuming, of course, the Cowboys could make it 91 yards down the field for a touchdown at the end of the fourth.

But a key strategy by Mr. Clutch involving Viking Nate Wright would get the boys their shot at the title. All they needed was a huge throw by Quarterback Roger Staubach. And it’s right here where our story reaches its peak – when Drew went back, fooled the defense, and Roger cocked his arm back, took a deep breath, and said a Hail Mary.

Guests featured on today’s episode include:

Drew Pearson, Former Dallas Cowboys Receiver #88

Cliff Harris, Former Dallas Cowboys Safety #43

Charlie Waters, Former Dallas Cowboys Safety #41

Show Notes & Links:

  1. So where can I find out more about Drew Pearson? Here’s Mr. Clutch himself, courtesy of the good people at Wikipedia.
  2. Alright, where can I see the Hail Mary pass?  We’re so glad you asked – here’s the pass that made the game.
  3. Can I see the whole game? Ah, a purist – here’s the whole game, in full.
  4. Wait, didn’t you guys already talk to Cliff Harris? We did! Here’s a link to his Episode 5: Hail Mary and Captain Crash.
  5. What about Charlie Waters? We talked to Charlie, too! Here’s his Episode 9: Spare the Surgeon, Keep the Rod.

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