Alfred Morris, The $2 Dollar Car – “The Bentley”

Brady Tinker interviewing Alfred Morris at training camp in Oxnard
Brady Tinker interviewing Alfred Morris at training camp in Oxnard

Alfred Morris is a Dallas Cowboys running back. After being drafted by the Washington Redskins in 2012, Morris was signed to the Cowboys Roster in 2016 to serve as the backup to Ezekiel Elliott, and then re-signed this year. While attending college at Florida Atlantic University, Alfred’s main form of transportation was his bike, or his own two feet. Alfred needed a car, and if for nothing else, he just needed something to get him to and from church on Sundays. The pastor of Alfred’s church noticed his son was always giving Alfred a ride on Sunday mornings, and came up with a solution. Pastor Gregory Fashaw offered to sell Alfred his 1991 Mazda 626 for a grand total of two dollars. Despite his sixteen hundred yards, and thirteen touchdowns as a rookie this two-dollar car would become one of the most talked-about aspects of Alfred’s career, as he still drives it around to this day!

After his breakout rookie season, Alfred and his twenty-two-year-old car began to gain attention from the media, as well as local Mazda dealerships around the D.C. area. Collectively, they completely refurbished the car, while adding some nifty updates such as a CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and even a back-up camera. Alfred’s Mazda means so much to him, that he even plans on teaching his kids how to drive with it one day.

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