David Buehler is a former Dallas Cowboys Placekicker. During his time with the Cowboys, he kicked his fair share of field goals, but it was his knack for hard knocks and an impressive NFL Combine performance that landed him on the roster in the first place. His time as a Safety and a Gunner on Punt made him a monster when it came to tackling, and for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, that hidden talent may have been just what he was looking for in a kicker – an athlete who was more than meets the eye. 

David’s story begins at Santa Ana Junior College in California, when Safety David Buehler attended the Junior College Combine, if you can believe there ever was such a thing. But there was, and he went, and he impressed a handful of College Coaches with his tackling ability, including Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin from USC. His athleticism eventually landed him a scholarship, and before he knew it, David was playing for the Trojans. 

But one of the things that every NFL player needs is versatility, so for David to make it to the big time, he’d have to learn to flex out. With a background in soccer, he told his coaches he could kick, and before he knew it, he was sinking field goals and punting kickoffs for nearly every game he played in. But he kept putting time in at the gym too, and that weight-lifting paid off when he impressed again at the NFL Combine with an outstanding 25-rep performance at the Combine Bench Press, which of course, caught the eye of our very own Dallas Cowboys. 

His first year on the team had him learning under kicker Nick Folk, and in year 2, he was the man with the leg, becoming the team’s elected placekicker and being responsible for both kickoffs and punts. He played on special teams as well, making sure to flex that knock-down ability on the unsuspecting opposition whenever he could. It’d been a long journey, but David Buehler had finally become the man with the leg. Just don’t call him a kicker. 

Guests featured on today’s episode include: 

Henry Sroka, Current Dallas Cowboys Pro Scout 

Show Notes & Links:

  1. Want to know more about David Buehler? Here’s our guy, courtesy of Wikipedia.
  2. Where can I see some of David’s kicks? Here’s a video of David sinking a Field Goal for an OT win, and also surprising a cat, because that’s just the kind of thing people put on the internet, I guess.
  3. What’s David been up to since being with the Cowboys? To be honest, there’s a story about his girlfriend that we didn’t report on. Here’s the full picture. 
  4. How about Henry Sroka? It’s funny that you ask, because a few years after this story, Henry got himself a game ball. Here’s it is.

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