In the inaugural episode of A Cowboy Life, Brady sits down with Jeff Heath, current Dallas Cowboys safety (#38) to talk about the 2015 season after losing quarterback Tony Romo to an injury and how one collision with Seattle Seahawk Ricardo Lockette (#83) in a pivotal Week 8 game changed the course of both of their lives forever.

Jeff Heath began his journey into Football after a lifetime of playing Soccer. Though he had dreams of going to the World Cup, his dad was a Football player, and ultimately Jesse knew his heart was on the gridiron. Growing up in Michigan, he took a single scholarship offer to play Division 2 Football at Saginaw Valley State and cut his teeth in the professional world by working his way up to starting safety. After going undrafted in 2013, the Cowboys signed him to a three-year contract as a free agent.

In 2015, Jeff was named backup free safety to start the season behind J.J. Wilcox. After losing Tony Romo to an injury in week two, the Cowboys were reeling and picking up losses. The pressure mounts to Week 8 when they take on the Seattle Seahawks, a team known across the nation for their tough hits and even tougher attitudes.

After a hard tackle at AT&T Stadium just before halftime, Jeff looks back after a play to find the player he tackled, Ricardo Lockette, on the ground. It took 32 minutes for paramedics and emergency services to get Lockette off the field after discovering that the force of the hit had nearly disconnected Lockette’s skull from his spine. While Lockette was laying on the ground and the fans were clamoring for more, Jeff was reeling the locker room and trying to focus on playing the rest of the game.

This week’s episode gets inside Jeff’s head – what he was thinking, how he got through it, and most importantly, what happened in the aftermath of a tremendous accident. Additional recordings from fellow players Byron Jones, Sean Lee, and Arlington EMS Staff John Robertson who was on the field and monitoring Lockette’s injury help to fill in the blanks.

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