No Freedom… No Football

Preston Pearson is a former running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Preston served his time during the Staubach era, and helped the Dallas Cowboys bring home the coveted Lombardi Trophy in 1975. Known as the first player to be used as a “Third-down back,” Pearson was a welcome addition to Tom Landry’s offense. This week, Brady sits down with Preston Pearson to discuss his time as an NFL Player Representative during the tumultuous 1974 off-season and pre-season.

As one of the first free agents of sorts in the NFL, Pearson made his way from the Pittsburg Steelers to the Dallas Cowboys to help bolster their running back corps after the departure of Walt Garrison and Calvin Hill. Pearson fell in love with Texas during his time with The Dallas Cowboys, and continues to live here to this day.

Guest: Preston Pearson – Former Dallas Cowboys Running Back.

Additional Guests: Cliff Harris – Former Dallas Cowboys Safety.


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