Everson Walls is a former Dallas Cowboys Cornerback. During his 8 seasons with the Cowboys, he fostered a friendship with a teammate named Ron Springs, a softhearted fullback with an electric gameday reputation. Together, Ron and Everson pushed each other to succeed and to become better athletes, both on and off the field. And though life has a way of pulling even the closest of friendships apart, Ron and Everson inevitably struck a bond that’s destined to tie them together for the rest of their lives.

Ron Springs began his football career at Ohio State after growing up in Virginia and landed a spot on the Cowboys roster in 1979 due to his impressive record as a fullback. Despite his stature, Ron was strong, and his uncanny ability to seemingly play any position made him a creative anyman for then-Head Coach Tom Landry. In ‘81, Everson Walls joined the Cowboys, coming off a full-ride scholarship to Grambling State University after his humble beginnings in Richardson, just a stone’s throw away from the Dallas Cowboys Practice Field.

Ron and Everson quickly took a shine to one another, and despite the haranguing Ron received from other veteran players about hanging out with the undrafted rookies, Everson found a friend in the fullback. The two encouraged each other to see the world in new ways, and found companionship in having grown up in seperate, but oddly similar conditions. Eventually, Ron left the Cowboys to play for the Tamba Bay Buccaneers and Everson went to play for the New York Giants in 1980, where he played a hell of a first year – but we’ll get to that story another time.

Despite the distance, the two stayed friends, and even went into business together. That is, until Ron started having some minor health problems. And at first, things were fine, but minor quickly turned to major, and suddenly he found himself much, much worse for wear. Despite the hardship, he and Everson managed to keep his spirits high – even with the looming thought of an inevitably bleak diagnosis.

But fortunately, Ron Springs had people in his life to step up. Some more close to home than he may have ever realized. And while he wasn’t an emotional man, Everson’s actions may have just brought him closer to Ron than anybody else had ever been before. How far would you go to save a friend? That’s this week on A Cowboy Life.

Guests Featured on Today’s Episode Include:

  • Tim Brown, former Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver #81
  • Michael Downs, former Dallas Cowboys Safety #26
  • Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News Sports Columnist

Show Notes & Links

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