Everson Walls is a former Dallas Cowboys Cornerback. During his 8 seasons with the Cowboys, he played a fierce game, and became known for his inhuman ability to grab interceptions from the opposing team. It wasn’t just Landry’s defense that had Walls snagging passes – he just saw the game differently. And it’s that perspective that would eventually elevate him to lead, unnaturally force him to leave, and ultimately, to take an NFL team to the Super Bowl. Just not the team that you’d think.

Our story begins in December of 1981, after our young Cowboy Everson Walls has just caught his 11th interception of his rookie year – a record that’s gone unbeaten in the NFL to this very day. His first few years on the team are a Doomsday Dream, where Everson cut his teeth with players like Charlie Waters and Head Coach Tom Landry leading the charge and helping Everson to cultivate his game knowledge with his patented ‘Landry System.’ 

As time went on, things changed. Despite the good times, some of the Cowboys veteran players were starting to retire, and eventually, the team came under the new ownership of an oil man from Arkansas named Jerry Jones. And with that new ownership came a new Head Coach in Jimmy Johnson, who started coaching the team in 1989. That year he and Everson got along, but the bedrock changes were too big, and the team suffered a 15-1 season that left a lot of players burned – Everson included. 

But you don’t land records for snagging passes without a little quick thinking. Everson was sharp, and he knew he could still play – all he needed were some new colors to do it in. So he took a trip to New York, where he set in motion a plan to form an unlikely alliance, and join a team that would go to the Super Bowl. 

Guests featured on today’s episode include: 

Tim Brown, former Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver #81

Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News Sports Columnist

Show Notes & Links:

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  4. I gotta get a look at Super Bowl XXV! Here it is – the Bills versus the Giants in the famous “Wide Right” game.
  5. Wait, do Everson and Brady do a TV show together? Oh you haven’t LIVED until you’ve seen DFW Sports Beat. Check your local listings. 

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