Episode 14 – From Waterboy to MVP – Mike Renfro

Mike Renfro is a former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver. Growing up, he was never too far from the Dallas Cowboys, having lived in the metroplex and even having worked as a waterboy for the team while his dad, Ray Renfro, was coaching from 1968 to ‘72. Mike joined the squad at the end of an era, just before the last members of the Doomsday Defense and head coach Tom Landry were set to leave the team for good. But the boys in blue had one last hurrah in 1985; one last battle cry for the original America’s Team, and Mike Renfro just happened to be there to see it all happen. 

mike renfro former dallas cowboy and brady tinkerMike’s story begins, like we said, back in the late ‘60’s, when he was waterboy-ing for America’s team. Back then he didn’t know he was ever going to be playing for him, but he was never too far away from Dad, and Dad wanted his son to grow up to be a receiver just like him. Mike grew up to be a Houston Oiler, playing with some of the most legendary players in football during his time in the Lone-Star State. And in an odd turn of events, our story picks up when Mike found out he was traded to the Cowboys for Butch Johnson – a startling piece of news for any NFL veteran. 

Fortunately, Mike had lived just next door in Fort Worth, so he was all too familiar with the boys in blue. He came into the 1984 season pretty optimistic, only to find that things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows in Dallas. The team was struggling, and a lot of veteran players had left for greener pastures, and it was all too obvious looking at Coach Landry that things behind the scenes were looking similarly grim. But Mike rallied in 1985, and to the surprise of the other players (including Everson Walls, and even himself!) the team had a stellar season, going 10 and 6 to go all the way to the playoffs. 

Mike’s story is one of a time long since passed; of the Dallas Cowboys maybe your Dad used to love so much. Since then, the team’s evolved, and while they may not have the stellar Super Bowl record they’d maintained in the ‘70’s, we’d be hard pressed to say they’re any worse for wear. But 1985 was that final drive – that last season for the old guard, who, like the sands of the hourglass, may have slipped us by faster than we ever expected. 

Guests featured on today’s episode include: 

Dee Brock, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Manager/Director 

Show Notes & Links:

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