Cliff Harris has been a dear friend of mine for about 20 years now. I first met Cliff by doing various radio shows with him here and there. One day, he invited me to attend his JDRF Reunion Golf Classic. He raises money with JDRF, a Dallas-based charity leading the fight against diabetes in children through fundraising and providing a support network to all who have been affected by T1D. Cliff’s father, OJ “Buddy” Harris, went blind from diabetes at the age of 45 and didn’t get to see his son play for most of his Cowboys career. It’s for this reason that Cliff has such a passion for raising money for JDRF.

As I began to help more with the charity events, he began to do more radio and TV with me, and from there a friendship was developed. He is kind, loving and always seemingly in a good mood. His story is one of a small-town kid from Arkansas who was unheralded all the way through college at Ouachita Baptist University, yet he was drafted as a free agent at the beginning of the 1970 season and played in 5 Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. I hope you will enjoy his stories. I know I enjoyed spending part of my day at his house in North Dallas talking about how he got to be a part of America’s Team for nearly 10 years.

Thanks Cliff!