The reception for Episode #3 has been amazing. Jesse Holley sat down to tell me about how he got on a reality show 10 years ago and ended up a Dallas Cowboy…but on our way to that story, we found out about his very real childhood.

So, now we move on to Episode #4 for next Tuesday, May 21st.  That will be part two with Jesse Holley and it gets to what we called him to talk about.  How did you end up on the reality show, “4th and Long” – and how on earth did you win it? How did you capitalize on that opportunity and become an actual Dallas Cowboy?? All of that will be explained in Episode #4 – Jesse Holley, from Flashlight Cop to Gameshow Winner to Dallas Cowboy!

I’ve heard it – I was there….it’s shocking, cool, headshaking and inspirational! Thanks for sticking with us – we are busting our butts to get better and better.

Captain Crash (Cliff Harris), Everson Walls, and Tony Romo are in the line-up for June.

– Brady